Introducing Avan Motors B2B program!

Our corporate mobility plan is targeted at businesses looking to lease, purchase, or engage with us for employee affinity programs. We also cater to government and private tenders, offering a full range of products and services within the electric mobility segment.

Transportation and Logistics are quintessential to any successful business and we at Avan Motors recognize this requirement. Since these requirements are capital intensive - and the operations even more so - engaging a mobility partner who can guarantee enhanced utilization and minimum downtime is the need of the hour. This is exactly Avan- Mobility solutions come in.

The solutions and plans that we provide will bridge the gap between your company’s requisites and budgets. We will offer tailor-made plans catering to your provisions while deploying a dedicated manager to oversee all operational aspects. By switching to our electric mobility solutions, you will be able to curb unnecessary costs of petrol, troublesome after-sales service and the worry of devaluating assets.

We simplify your mobility needs so you can focus on your productivity!

Our business solutions plan caters via three models :

  • Corporate leasing: Businesses looking to lease vehicles for their employees for long term purposes such as delivery services and intra-facility travel. With our flexible leasing model, there shall be no concern regarding the capital expenditure involved and additional expenses of after-sales service. Additionally, leasing electric vehicles will render maintenance charges negligible in comparison to petrol vehicles and the type of lease program you choose.. We will provide exceptional after-sales support wherein a single point of contact will take care of everything to keep your fleet optimally

  • Corporate purchase / Employee preferential programs: We provide special offers on corporate purchases and look to engage companies that would like to purchase large numbers of electric scooters for their operational and personnel requirements. As part of the corporate initiative, we can create a framework for preferential pricing schemes for your employees at multiple locations of your

  • Government & private tenders: We cater to the government or big private players looking to purchase vehicles in bulk - either in one go or over a period of We have the production capacity to supply for public and private tenders.

Advantages of Leasing Electric Scooters

  • Leasing allows you to free up any and all capital investment requirements. These funds can then be used to boost the core business instead of being invested in a highly depreciative asset such as an automobile.
  • Fuel cost is of no concern – just charge and go!
  • We provide charging station solutions for your fleet so the scooters can be recharged on-site, every day.
  • Maintenance costs of electric vehicles are negligible as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. Hence, they save on monthly expenditures and downtimes that your business might face.
  • No two businesses are the same - we provide tailor-made business mobility programs suitable for your business and your
  • Our after-sales service plan and a dedicated resource will ensure that your fleet is optimally utilized with no or minimum
  • This is a green initiative that your company can take, boosting the CSR activity from the business
  • If you would like to purchase the asset at the end of the lease program, we could integrate that easily into the lease plan.
  • We offer multiple tenures starting from a minimum of 12 months to 36
  • We focus on consultative selling and are driven by customer needs and

Our business solutions would be best suited for

  • Delivery companies/services
  • Corporates that need to provide vehicles to their employees
  • Bike-sharing programs
  • First mile and Last mile connectivity companies
  • Large industrial complexes
  • Security companies
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Logistics and Cargo companies
  • Restaurants and cloud kitchens
  • Institutions and Universities
  • Large industrial complexes
  • Manufacturing set-ups and SEZs
  • Entrepreneurs requiring minimum 10 scooters for their business
B2B Program

Mobility consultation ?

Worried about the right number of vehicles that need to be deployed for your operations? Need assistance with operational planning? Fret not! The team at Avan Motors can guide you with the right strategy combined with cutting edge technology and an in-house team of automotive.

experts that can guide you every step of the way. So, we offer end-to-end solutions along with demand- supply analysis to make it convenient & cost-effective for you.