As per CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) any vehicle which has power less than 250 watts and speed below 25 km/hr does not require any license or registration.

Yes, the motor is water proof, under splashing conditions. There will be no problem using these vehicles during rains. Our motors undergo rigorous water ingress test to ensure safe running during rainy seasons.

One complete charge will require 4 to 6 hours of charging. It can be recharged wherever you find domestic 5 amps power sockets. It is just like charging your mobile.

These vehicles require minimal maintenance as there is no engine, no gear box, and no clutch. Still if minor maintenance is required, we will provide after-sales service to your fullest satisfaction. All our dealers have fully equipped state of art service equipment and availability of spare parts.

E-Scooters provide clean non-polluting, noiseless and economical means of transportation. It will keep your campus completely green.

Yes we have product finance from leading banks.

Avan scooters can carry more than 150 kg of weight.

There is two years of warranty on both the models of AVAN.

Our low speed model’s range is 50 km/charge and High speed gives the range of 100km/charge.